The Unique Benefits of this House

Throughout the years we have explored many properties - each with their own unique view. After all our searching we discovered it is more than just a view and rather a combination of things that makes a location spectacular.  The view IS important.  But the view might as will be a picture if it never changes. The views at Flamingo Point reflect constant motion.  From the porch you will notice: the waves against the rocks that surround the property, water splashing into the air around the Porpoise rocks that mark the edge of the shipping channel about a mile west of the house, a constant parade of cruise ships, container ships barges, fishing and dive boats, mega yachts and every kind of sail boat made. You'll feel the constant breezes and the sound of water affected by the breeze on the rocks at the base of the cliff. These things coupled with both sunrise and sunset views, private secluded property, the safety of a spacious truck for transportation of your crew and all their cargo, large covered porches, a well appointed and stocked kitchen, a comfortable house with a great layout for family or friends, the warm, beautiful beach and friendly residents  of Water Island.  We have found paradise and believe that you will as well.

Whenever you hear an island calling your name or just need a latitude adjustment, Flamingo Point USVI, has everything you could want and more in a tropical paradise. Contact us today!