About Water Island

Water Island was acquired by the United States in 1917 from Denmark and has had a place in the US military history. The island is of volcanic origin and lies about 1 mile to the south of Saint Thomas in the Charlotte Amalie harbor. A public Ferry service runs regularly each day from Crown Bay, Saint Thomas to Phillips Landing, Water Island; the ferry ride is about 10 minutes. At 491.5 acres in size, Water Island is the smallest of the main U.S. Virgin Islands. Water Island is a residential island, with a population of 182 (2010 census) and no significant commercial establishments. The main attractions are beaches, including Honeymoon Beach, plantation ruins, Fort Segarra, an underground fort partially constructed by the U.S. during World War II, and scuba diving site.

Fort Segarra

Fort Segarra was built as part of the United States' defense strategies during World War II on Water Island. World War II seacoast batteries here were Battery 314 at Flamingo Point (1944, never completed) and an Anti Motor Torpedo Boat Batteries. In addition some barracks, watch towers, lookout post, ammunition bunkers were also created near Carolina Point as well as an infrastructure of docks, roads, water, sewage and power systems. Fort Segarra was to be an underground fort and its purpose was to protect the submarine base on St. Thomas.  The war ended before its completion and the project was subsequently abandoned. Gun emplacements, tunnels and underground rooms which were created during the Second World War building efforts are still visible. The tunnels and underground chambers are open for viewing.


Honeymoon Beach

One of the principal attractions of Water Island is Honeymoon beach, in Druif Bay, on the west end of the island. Honeymoon Beach is great for families and children.  It's calm with a nice long gradual slope.  "Sugar" sand is soft under your feet.  The crystal clear water is inviting and offers easy snorkeling. Great place to learn how to snorkel as well.  Many of our guests have young children and love Honeymoon Beach.  The shore is lined with palm trees.   You'll find nice palm frond umbrella huts as well as two beach pavilion buildings that offer shade and protection from the sun. The beach is usually sparsely populated on weekdays except for a couple hours in the afternoon when a boat charter stops in. Honeymoon Beach is a favorite for residents on weekends, particularly on Sundays.

Heidi Honeymoon Grill (on the north side of the beach) offers lunch 11-3 every day on Honeymoon Beach and gourmet dinner on the beach Saturday night during season. Every morning the Breakfast truck/golf cart is at the Dock. Catering dinners or gatherings at Flamingo Point is available by simply calling the Water Island local resident chef Heidi  at 340-690-0325.

Joe's Beach Bar serves frosty drinks, hot dogs, and small appetizers on the south end of Honeymoon Beach.

Pirates Ridge Deli & Store has All-U-Can-Eat Pizza on Friday night and a fully stocked bar on the patio. Call before you make plans 340-774-9422.

Monday Night at the Movies on Honeymoon Beach where Heidi Honeymoon Grill sponsors a current run movie and serves hot dogs, popcorn, candy, and drinks. 

Wednesday is Bingo in the Pavilion at Honeymoon Beach.  Buy a card or two and join in the fun that starts at 7:00!


Limestone Bay

If you are up for a nice walk, Limestone Bay is great for a couple hours of quiet time exploring nature.